After a destructive battle in 1147, Jamaa el-Fna and much of the city were renovated. The ramparts were also enlarged by Abu Yacoub Youssef and in particular by Yacoub el Mansour from 1147 to 1158. The mosque, palace, hospital, parade ground and gardens surrounding the market square have also been renovated and the Kasbah fortified. Subsequently, with the fortunes of the city, Jamaa el Fna experienced periods of decline and renewal.

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from morning to evening


During the day, it is mainly occupied by orange juice stalls, water vendors with traditional leather water bags and brass cups, young people with chained Barbary monkeys and snake charmers.

As the day progresses, the entertainment offer changes: snake charmers leave, and at the end of the day, the square fills with people, with dancing Chleuh (it would be contrary to the custom for girls to offer this entertainment), storytellers (telling their stories in Berber or Arabic, to a local audience), magicians, and traditional medicine vendors. As night falls, the square fills with dozens of food stalls as the number of people in the square reaches new heights.

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The square is bordered on one side by the Marrakech souk, a traditional North African market that meets both the common daily needs of the inhabitants and the tourist trade. Other sides are hotels, gardens and café terraces, and narrow alleys lead into the alleys of the medina district.

The idea for the UNESCO project Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity came from people concerned about Jamaa el-Fna. The site is known for its active concentration of traditional activities by storytellers, musicians and artists, but it was threatened by economic development pressures. In their struggle to protect traditions, residents called for action at the international level. Recognize the need to protect these places – called “cultural spaces” – and other popular and traditional forms of cultural expression.